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October 6, 2022 By admin

$485,000, 53 Stodge Meadow Rd, Rouisse RT, and Rouisse-Stimpel, M, to Robust, Michael R, and Robust, Vanessa R.
$485,000, 54 Stodge Meadow Rd, Rouisse RT, and Rouisse-Stimpel, M, to Robust, Michael R, and Robust, Vanessa R.
$420,000, 164 Heart St, Greenough, Elaine R, and Dewever, Devan J, to Beauvais, Haley.
$389,900, 231 Sherbert Rd, Blanchard Jr, Robert B, to Sanborn, James.
$125,500, Gibson Rd, Carolyn Hynes T, and Hynes, Carolyn C, to Ray Tek Development LLC.
$100,000, 152 Ashby Rd, Oogway LLC, to Gendron, Dominic.
$240,000, 105 Estabrook St, Kennedy, Joseph F, to Wagner, Claire.
$151,381, 212 South St, Davis-Halpern, Mignonne, to 212 South LLC.
$135,000, 90 S Athol Rd, Lagimoniere FT, and Lagimoniere, Angel A, to 90 South Athol Rd RT, and Harrison, John.
$35,000, S Fundamental St (off), Hunt, Christina M, and Plaskiewicz, Andrea J, to Gerry, Peter A.
$25,000, 87 Glen St, Lajoie, Santa M, to Coppolino, Donna S.
$25,000, 87 Glen St, Twohey, H Jean, to Coppolino, Donna S.
$825,000, 4 Previous Millbury Rd, Eknaian Jr, Henry E, and Eknaian, Linda J, to Nguyen, Te H, and Ho, My.
$520,000, 3 Loring St, Butterworth Jr, John, and Butterworth, Joan E, to Younger, Jordan, and Hickey, Thea.
$510,000, 219 Prospect St, Campaniello, Nathan A, and Campaniello, Brenda, to Homepromass Contracting.
$466,000, 18 Sherwood Rd, Spellane FT, and Spellane, Anne M, to Krasinskas, Jason D, and Krasinskas, Jennifer L.
$356,500, 403 Forest Park Dr #403, Cyr, Lorraine, to Zaklow, Carolyn, and Gibree, Mark.
$340,000, 6 Goulding Dr, Krawiecki, David J, and Krawiecki, David, to Smarkel, Charles H.
$335,000, 303 Forest Park Dr #303, Kaye, John W, and Kaye, Liza L, to Bauce, Deborah H, and Bauce, Adileno R.
$289,000, 56 Barnes St, Michniewicz, Thomas, and Towd Pt Mtg T 2019 3, to Shaw Improvement Inc.
$275,000, 13 Wethered St, Wethered RT, and Berthiaume, David M, to 13 Wethered St LLC.
$400,000, 530 Lane Rd S, Klem, Shawn, to Protecting, James D, and Sizelove, Shayna L.
$410,000, 4 Dorena St, Mcwilliams, Anthony, and Mcwilliams, Kasey, to Stanfield, Michelle, and Sosvielle, Trevor.
$336,000, 2 Williams St, Carey FT, and Carey, Michael A, to Anderson, Joshua, and Madera, Dennis.
$315,000, 17 Devlin Cir #17, Pottinger, Kerry L, and Pottinger, Kerry, to Nzefeh, Roland.
$1,010,000, 31 Butternut Ln, J D Fanger T 2004, and Fanger, Jeanne D, to Magnarelli, Elizabeth C, and Magnarelli, James N.
$500,000, 23 Previous Stone Cir, Cramer, Frans, and Cramer, Maryjane, to Mckenzie, Christopher S, and Mckenzie, Amy.
$225,000, 54 Barnard Hill Rd, Barnard Hill Estates LLC, to Dewolfe, Gary D, and Dewolfe, Marlene A.
$406,000, 118 Wales Rd, Soper, Stephen R, and Soper, Amie J, to French, John T, and Banfill, Amanda L.
$380,000, 35 Oakwood Rd, Scribner Improvement LLC, to Montgomery, Robert C.
$479,000, 120 N Sturbridge Rd, Mchenry, Deven, and Mchenry, Nicole, to Southard, William.
$424,487, 3 Hannahs Method, Candy, Cara A, and Bergstrom, Adam E, to Finest Funding Prop LLC.
$320,000, 17-A Oak Ridge Dr, Yaptenco, Enrique, to Senquiz, Stefinie A.
$51,000, 51 Potter Village Rd, Milios, Vasilki G, to Klsp Potter Vlg Highway IRT, and Smith, Gregory A.
$550,000, 147-147H Oak St, 147 Oak Avenue LLC, to Fisher, Adam, and Gingras, Jamie M.
$372,400, 903 Ridgefield Cir #C, Salomon, Melinda S, to Baer, Jennifer A.
$350,000, 149 Chace St, Garceau RT, and Garceau, Rick A, to Staaf, Jarrett D.
$340,000, 55 Woodruff Rd, L P&L J Leblanc 2011 IRT, and Welch, Joanne, to Delfino-Dasilva, Isac, and Borges, Camila A.
$585,000, 74 Ledgestone Rd, Welliver, Christopher S, to Coburn 4th, Roger M, and Coburn, Samantha.
$581,000, 35 Crescent Ln, Lemelin, Marc E, and Lemelin, Glynis A, to Waters, Terri L, and Waters, Curtis R.
$250,000, 22 Charles St #6, Drinkwater, Robert, to Brillhart, Erik.
$240,000, 97 Eagle Dr #97, James L Larson FT, and Larson, James L, to Bonner, Kristen.
$725,775, 366 Fisher Rd, Normandin Group LLC, and Brennan Industries Inc, to Marrama, Anthony C, and Marrama, Kaleigh.
$572,000, 50 Arlington St, Hernandez-Heredia, Edwin, and Duarte-Chuva, Maria D, to Bonilla-Pena, Jose I.
$545,000, 229 Mechanic St, Cirignano, Mark V, to Enchev, George D, and Boyadjieva, Svetlana Ok.
$509,900, 108 Columbia Ave, Prentiss, Dean R, and Prentiss, Tammy A, to Bittner, Hans.
$502,500, 197 Tibbett Cir, Degirolamo, Silvia, to Rustamova, Tatyana, and Rustamova, Elkhan.
$475,000, 57 Leroy St, Leblanc, Normand J, and Leblanc, Sandra, to Molinari, Gisela A.
$472,560, 303 Williams Rd, Paul L Pinaut LT, and Karis, Harris, to Silva, Alfio A, and Silva, Maria V.
$403,500, 177 Richardson Rd, Ingram, Samuel D, and Ingram, Melissa A, to Studley, Barry E, and Obrien, John R.
$334,000, 22 Lawton Ave, Keka, Dorjan, and Keka, Dorjian, to Murray, Kate E.
$329,900, 25 Hawes St, Hersey, Orli, and Hersey, Sarah L, to Hayden, Deanna M.
$320,000, 91 Buttrick Ave, Cohen, Edward F, and Cohen, Jennifer M, to Membrino, Joshua, and Chila, Annalese.
$305,000, 441 Fairmount St, Schmidt, Laura, and Schmidt, David, to Bruno, Mark.
$300,372, 110-112 Excessive St, Lakeview Mortgage Servicing, to Almonte, Dilcia.
$300,000, 535 South St #3-1C, Erwin, Kimberly A, to Mangyn, John.
$271,000, 441 Franklin Rd, Dupuis Vaillancourt FT, and Desilets, Marissa A, to Simonds, Kimberley L.
$265,000, 45 Cedar St, Curro, John, to Thomson, Landie.
$240,000, 618 fifth Massachusetts Tpke, Wamesit Group LLC, to Invision Actual Property LLC.
$170,000, 254 Ashburnham Hill Rd, Pelletier, Mark R, and Pelletier, Cathy A, to Pelletier, Mark R.
$90,000, 44 Ryefield Rd, Mundie, Jenny A, and Mundie, Scott W, to Mundie, Scott W.
$57,000, 2 Williams Rd, Paul L Pinaut LT, and Karis, Harris, to Alfio Izbella RET, and Silva, Alfio A.
$20,000, Cawell Rd, Caswell RT, and Reiniger, Paul H, to Soini, Steven.
$405,000, 131 Crestwood Dr, Della-Giustina, Daniel A, and Della-Giustina, Andrea L, to Nicholson, Michael J.
$355,140, 9 Cross St, Dauderis, Keith, and Dauderis, Paige, to Marshall, Victoria.
$350,000, 4 W Finish Ave, Lisk, Jonathan M, and Lisk, Melissa, to Greenough, Elaine.
$290,000, 102 Fundamental St, Floyd, Jamie L, to Blue Moon Property LLC.
$270,000, 197-R Nichols St, Philip Arsenault 2007 IRT, and Arsenault, Norman, to Costa, Ana M.
$240,000, 3 Watkins St, Tenorio, Paul E, to Guzman, Marcela M, and Tenorio-Guzman, Marcela.
$179,215, 303 Parker St, Fitzpatrick, Sarah T, and MA Hsng Fin Company, to FNMA.
$173,000, 74 Princeton St, Ian T Younger LLC, to Keogh, Jeremy.
$555,000, 3 Paxton Ct #3, Dooley, Robert F, and Dooley, Anne M, to Kumarnath, Khagendra, and Devi, Gitali.
$420,000, 14 Donahue Ln, Barthelmes, Brian A, to 14 Donahue LLC.
$320,000, 21 Bernard Rd, Pacier, Callen, and Pacier, Alexander G, to Carlson, Christopher D, and St Jean, Meghan Ok.
$305,500, 4 Hudson Ave, Ward Household IRT 2019, and Patterson, Diana, to Hill, Thomas J, and Hill, Pamela.
$335,000, 130 Pine St, Energy, Joyce A, to Rourke, Jacob D, and Rourke, Gina M.
$325,000, 98 Jackson Rd, Robinson Jr, Raymond G, and Robinson, Pamela B, to Stein, Marlo, and Meier, Archer.
$900,000, 7 Jacob Gates Rd, Stadler, J Scott, and Stadler, Patrizia, to Goddard, Jonathan, and Goddard, Michelle.
$840,000, 696 Mason Rd, Xenos Customized Builders LLC, to Breton, Amy B, and Plante, Robert.
$600,000, 99 Mason Rd, Hussey, John P, to Tabassum, Sana, and Ahmed, Maqsood.
$405,000, 1 Lane Ave, Haddad, William J, and Blanchette Jr, Thomas A, to Stevens Jr, John, and Gagnon, Kelsey.
$395,000, 45 Anderson Ave, Ruth E Johnson 2015 RET, and Coakley, William T, to Regnier, Catherine.
$380,000, 216 Chapel St, Malo FT, and Iacocca, Christina, to Taraj, Fatime, and Taraj, Petrit.
$375,000, 125 Holden St, Briggs, Daybreak L, and Briggs Sr, Kenneth W, to Dahl, Scott, and Dahl, Tammy.
$320,000, 10 Somerset Ln, Lawrence, Sarahjane, and Lawrence, Christopher M, to Sleeper, Alex J.
$230,000, 391 Quinapoxet St, Laing Jr, Donald M, and Laing, Nancy S, to 391 Quinapoxet LLC.
$402,000, 188 Brimfield Rd, Hutton, Tyler, and Hutton, Willard J, to Digregorio, Krista E.
$510,000, 32 Westcott Rd, Murphy, Dana, to Hoski, Christopher, and Hoski, Anna E.
$405,000, 55 Dogwood Rd N, Murphy, Drew M, to Alves, Jaziel A, and Alves, Rosalie.
$90,000, Previous Westminster Rd #D, Discover, Darwin R, and Discover, Frances, to Curtis H Mcgrath RT, and Mcgrath, Curtis H.
$845,000, 4 Falls Brook Rd, Perham, Sean M, and Perham, Julia C, to Kahrman, Jay E, and Conn, Tobias T.
$825,000, 30 Stevens Rd #30, Schlacter, Robert S, and Schlacter, Julie B, to Ulrich, Richard W, and Ulrich, Pamela A.
$423,810, 41 Eaton Dr, Rhodes, Robert E, to Provencher, Louise, and Lombardi, Michael P.
$411,000, 143 George Hill Rd, Schmitt, Benedict H, and Schmitt, Carl F, to Nunez, Vicente.
$570,000, 5 Meadow Ln, Burtt, James P, and Burtt, Deborah L, to Zilioli, Paul M, and Zilioli, Karol D.
$430,000, 12 Folsom St, Standring, Thomas L, and Standring, Janet B, to Oyola, Kimberly M.
$348,500, 38 Mayflower Rd, Pike Sharon L Est, and Tee, Susan M, to Paintsil, Lisa, and Appiah, Esther.
$215,000, 75 Huntoon Memorial Hwy #4-7, Fazio, Louis J, and Fazio, Linda M, to Hakenson, Kaitlyn P, and Sheperd, Michelle L.
$3,525,000, 31 Jytek Rd, Walker RT, and Reggio, Michael A, to 31 Jytek LLC.
$530,000, 122 Sacramento Dr, Gentile Jr, Edward D, and Gentile, Jennifer A, to Deoliveira, Anderson S.
$480,000, 6 4th St, Dumart, Paula A, to Acosta, Timothy.
$445,000, 699 West St, Sullivan, Rebecca, to Bernard, Jean W.
$390,000, 45 Wilder Ln, Guercio Sr, Paul, and Guercio, Jane E, to Livoli, Lorena A.
$375,000, 449 Mechanic St, Delgado, Olga, and Delgado, Eric, to Salvador-Felix, Neftali.
$339,900, 28 Pennacook Dr #28, Kumi, Theophilus, and Offei-Kumi, Araba, to Laclair, Merideth E.
$330,000, 65 Christine St, 65 Christine Avenue RT, and Aubuchon, Jeffrey, to Littlefield, Jacob, and Littlefield, Alana M.
$324,405, 1145 Central St, Quinn Holdings LLC, to Bolio FT, and Bolio, Robert.
$305,000, 51 Richardson St, Reed Jr, Richard E, to Hernandez, Brenda E, and Troche, Daniel.
$290,000, 150 Chapman Pl #150, Poirier FT 2016, and Poirier Jr, William J, to Cai, Xiuyun.
$218,000, 25 Meadow Pond Dr #C, Heriveaux-Rose, Virginie, to Quinlan, Eugene M.
$675,000, 32 Brookview Ter, Adams, Patricia I, to Scioletti, Neil J, and Scioletti, Jessica R.
$525,000, 7 Brook St, Foggy Model LLC, to Cadieux, Timothy.
$520,000, 195 Reservoir St, Harding, Valerie S, to Higher Day Grownup Social.
$505,000, 118 Conrad Rd, Maffioli Doris M Est, and Brecken, Jennifer L, to Cardew, Reese, and Langfield, Eryn.
$480,000, 15 Tremont St, Drew Cynthia A Est, and Drew, Jocelyn, to Barrette, Robert D.
$408,000, 105 Winter St, Hebert, Nathan, to Rabelo, Eva S.
$229,900, 336 E Fundamental St #8, Araujo, Jorceauro, to Avard, Rachel C.
$219,900, 277 W Fundamental St #25, Leary, Stacie, to Levy, Andrew B, and Levy, Linda J.
$200,000, 624 Boston Publish Rd E #17, Trumble Steven R Est, and Currie Jr, James, to Goncalves, Cleonice.
$895,000, 8 Catalpa Ln, Pultz, Richard J, and Pultz, Janet R, to Sidiropoulos, Mara.
$758,000, 48 Park St, Kimberly C Onorato T, and Travers, Raymond W, to Adhami, Katayun.
$670,000, 284 Central St, Pereira, H J, and Pereira, Rinara, to Sanchez-Verdugo, Blanca, and Orbe-Castro, Reinerio.
$490,000, 26 Windsor Rd, Leahy, Elaine M, to Sinkis, Melissa A, and Blanchard, Joseph C.
$375,000, 168 Buy St, Ferreira-Santos, Atila, to Neto, Werliton S.
$551,511, 12 Clearview Ter #59, Czervik Properties LLC, to Bostek, Joseph M, and Bostek, Christine C.
$510,000, 5 Lisa Dr, 5 Lisa Drive RT, and Intinarelli, Marion C, to Tremblay, Matthew, and Hack, Emilie.
$422,000, 136 Riverlin St, Bertnell Realty Inc, to Simon, Fedner.
$360,000, 34 Millbury Ave, Caruso, Laura, to Mellen, Danielle, and Moller, Eric.
$40,000, Fundamental St #53, Mannix Brenda E Est, and Mallette, Harold F, to Perkins, David W.
$40,000, Fundamental St #54, Mannix Brenda E Est, and Mallette, Harold F, to Perkins, David W.
$40,000, Fundamental St #55, Mannix Brenda E Est, and Mallette, Harold F, to Perkins, David W.
$750,000, 2 Franklin Cir, Grist, Kevin R, and Manrique, Maria E, to Bibo, Michael, and Bibo, Amanda.
$720,000, 105 Indian Meadow Dr, Robbins, Wade B, and Robbins, Nancy L, to Vijayashree, Fnu, and Upadhyay, Arjun.
$650,000, 33 Maynard St, C H Menninger T, and Menninger, Charlotte H, to Schlacter, Robert S, and Schlacter, Julie B.
$660,000, 132 Tipperary Dr, Cordero, Jenna, and Mackie, Jeremiah, to Weber, Scott, and Weber, Peggy A.
$510,270, 188 Stone Hill Dr #19, Stone Hill Companions LLC, to Brown, Linda J.
$465,000, 23 Legion Method, Janson FT, and Janson, Graham F, to Tavares, Steven, and Tavares, Jeffrey.
$435,000, 26-28 Leland Rd, Gigarjian FT, and Gigarjian, Stephen, to Garcia, Fernando.
$415,000, 35 Paul Pl, Coburn, Roger, and Giguere, Samantha, to Lipocky, Eric R, and Babineau, Kaycee.
$380,000, 1557 Windfall Rd, Jackson, Anne E, to King, Timothy J, and King, Jenna L.
$290,000, 44 Whitney St, Vega, Maria D, to Bicknell, Kyle, and Bicknell, Shelby E.
$232,000, 118 Putnam St, Dirth Marjorie E Est, and Perry, Marcia J, to Peele, Zacchary M, and Peele, Victoria L.
$424,000, 10 Chestnut Hill Rd, Mullen, Daniel R, and Mullen, Julie A, to Dasgupta, Pradipto, and Boral, Swagota.
$385,000, 1 Arrowhead Dr, Sauter, Todd B, to Rhodes, Robert, and Alicea, Karen.
$369,000, 13 Oxbow Rd, M F Daniels Demers LT, and Daniels-Demers, M F, to Tartakoff, Joseph A.
$310,000, 28 Chestnut Hill Rd, Ethier, Thomas, and Ethier, Tracie, to Kuntu-Blankson, Allswell.
$225,000, 17 Thayer Pond Dr #5, Hamlin, Timothy, to Mahan, Michael, and Mahan, Marie.
$450,000, 13 Brigham Rd, Jacobson, Robert E, and Jacobson, Julie A, to Jacobson, Alyssa L.
$415,000, 346 Nice St, ML Realty Group LLC, to Perez, Mayerling E.
$255,000, 97 Mountain Rd, Fay RET, and Fay, Jocelyn R, to Salerni, Philip, and Salerni, Jessica.
$110,000, 272 Mountain Rd, Rice IRT, and Stafford, Dale A, to Lederer, Drew, and Foley, Sarah.
$786,295, 294 Glenwood Rd, M A Elbag Bldg Cont, to Pulaski, Michael J, and Pulaski, Justine M.
$435,000, 3 Skyline Dr, Gigliotti, Jeffrey, to Dumart, Colleen G, and Dumart, Paula A.
$330,000, 10 Thornapple Cir, Saucier, Jillian R, to Pellerin, Justin, and Pellerin, Samantha.
$270,000, 15 Cedar Ave, Savage, Judith R, to Curci FT, and Coster-Curci, Charles.
$1,100,000, 54 Cherry St, Status Property Dev LLC, to Le, Phu S, and Le, Kim T.
$1,018,108, 6 Parmenter Hill Rd, Summit Ridge Estates Inc, to White, James D, and Wang, Siran.
$675,000, 118 Reservoir St, Haller, Robert J, and Haller, Carol A, to Araujo, Edimarques F, and Carvalho-Correa, Cacieli.
$660,000, 178 S Quinsigamond Ave, Truthful Robbie F Est, and Truthful, Jeffrey, to Campos, Jacobo, and Depaz, Marlyn R.
$555,000, 121 Lake St, Savoy, Ronald F, to Coutinho, Bernardo.
$480,000, 38 Colton Ln, Forrest, Barry, and Lee, Glynnis, to Fairbrother Jr, Peter W, and Mcnicholas, Sarah M.
$469,900, 3 Dalton Dr #3, Burr Constance H Est, and Burr, Andrew C, to Mulcahy, Maureen.
$407,500, 28-30 Villa Rd, Valentino, Mark, and Valentino, George S, to Gabriele, Anthony, and Gabriele, Roy.
$380,000, 48 South St, Southgate At Shrewsbury, to Malhotra, Bobby, and Kaur, Sumit.
$215,000, 11 Flanagan Dr, Southgate At Shrewsbury, to B&M Reasonably priced Const LLC.
$215,000, 15 Flanagan Dr, Southgate At Shrewsbury, to B&M Reasonably priced Const LLC.
$215,000, 3 Flanagan Dr, Southgate At Shrewsbury, to B&M Reasonably priced Const LLC.
$215,000, 5 Flanagan Dr, Southgate At Shrewsbury, to B&M Reasonably priced Const LLC.
$215,000, 7 Flanagan Dr, Southgate At Shrewsbury, to B&M Reasonably priced Const LLC.
$215,000, 9 Flanagan Dr, Southgate At Shrewsbury, to B&M Reasonably priced Const LLC.
$195,000, 32 Shrewsbury Inexperienced Dr #B, Sparanges, Louis, to Ramesh, Rajeev.
$1,209,000, 8 Hubley Ln, Butka, Paul C, and Butka, Susan A, to Cooney, Daniel P, and Shrestha-Cooney, Junu.
$675,000, 6 Winchester St, Hubley, Joseph E, and Hubley, Andrea, to Misasi, Robert G, and Misasi, Marjorie B.
$210,000, 46 Oregon Rd, Moran, Martin E, and Moran, Elizabeth, to Metterle, Jeremiah, and Metterle, Karla.
$330,000, 4 Poplar St, Centura Bay LLC, to Tua, Isaac Ok, and Amoakohene, Akwasi A.
$325,000, 10 Tillyer Ave, Alicea-Bailey 2nd, Scott, and Kodjo, Analysah, to Fernandez-Leon, Alexander, and Roman, Nahzaret N.
$270,000, 11 Sayles St, Nick Perry Mem Fndtn Inc, to Mathieu, Cheyenne C.
$200,000, 32 Woodland St, Cruz Gavino Est, and Howland, John S, to Gina-Roberts, Angelique.
$157,000, 47 Woodland St, Father or mother, George E, and Southbridge CU, to Resilent Investments LLC.
$110,000, 16 Liberty St, Morales, Raymond J, and Rodriguez, Iris, to Ortiz, Kristin, and Ortiz, Pedro.
$96,500, 314 Hamilton St, Bessette Delore W Est, and Bessette, Richard E, to Trinity Est Invs&Dev.
$875,000, 5 Nottingham Cir, Krackovic, Dusan, and Krackovic, Cynthia, to Larson, Christopher, and Larson, Katherine.
$725,000, 19 Roys Dr, Sullivan LT, and Sullivan, Thomas J, to Woods, Karen.
$350,000, 7 Ashview Dr, Brooks, Linda M, and Brooks Jr, Dennis R, to Carrasquillo third, Carlos, and Carrasquillo, Christian.
$290,000, 425 Fundamental St, 425M Corp, to Bishop, Kristopher.
$255,000, 24 Adams St, Ingalls David S Est, and Ingalls, Derek J, to Tepan, Rosa M.
$95,000, 26 Maple St, Picket Fence Prop Inc, to Fairness T Co.
$35,000, Nice St #71, HRG Improvement Corp, to Lee, Myunghwa, and Do, Sung-Hee.
$600,000, 4 Michael Ln, Berquist, Ronald J, and Berquist, Sandra M, to Pease, Converse, and Pease, Crosby.
$670,000, 110 Brookfield Rd, Stan Kaitbenski Inc, to Tsantinis LLC.
$400,000, 66 Goodrich Rd, Robinson, Fred G, and Robinson, Darlene A, to Camire, Raymond C, and Camire, Kathryn A.
$11,950,000, 223 Baldwinville Rd, Auto Auctions&Recycling, to Insurance coverage Auto Auctions.
$425,000, 117 Dudley Rd, Allen, Lisa Ok, to Merrell, Brian, and Merrell, Rebecca.
$495,000, 68 Woodchuck Holw, Fletcher FT, and Fletcher, Joanne F, to Herrick, Laurie E, and Zukergood, Daniel.
$500,000, 196 Warren Rd, Millikin, Andrew M, and Millikin, Maria, to Haight, Aaron, and Haight, Kristina.
$446,000, 2-A Ponderosa Dr, Runk, Kimberly, and Runk, Patrick, to Urquijo, Ignacia, and Urquijo, Sergio.
$313,500, 71 Ash St, Bartik third, Miroslave, to Nutile, Anthony B, and Nutile, Charlene A.
$1,246,000, 16 River Bend Rd, Lemons, Mark F, and Lemons, Anne G, to Bates, Kristen, and Bates, Jeffrey.
$910,000, 111 Glenview St, Bates, Kristen R, and Bates, Jeffrey O, to White, Gregory, and White, Karen.
$654,410, 98 Shannon Method #90, Pulte Hm Of New Eng LLC, to Thistle, Richard, and Thistle, Mary A.
$651,000, 62 Chestnut St, Rohinton J Patel T, and Patel, Rohinton J, to Jopa RT, and Winshman, Paul R.
$1,100,000, 121 Linwood St, Roman Catholic Bishop, to StShenouda&StKaras.
$1,100,000, 133 Linwood St, Roman Catholic Bishop, to StShenouda&StKaras.
$1,100,000, 25 Church St, Roman Catholic Bishop, to StShenouda&StKaras.
$403,000, 69 W Hartford Ave, Stanovich Jr, John L, and Rogers, Janice E, to Ledoux, Amy M.
$395,000, 94 Homeward Ave, Eidson, Edith J, to Laplante, Michelle M, and Burson, Emmett L.
$200,000, 13 Backyard St, Gniadek Joseph Jr Est, and Gniadek, Taurie, to RFGM Investing LLC.
$120,000, 36 Kennedy St, P3 Enlargement Prop LLC, to Rass Investments LLC.
$70,000, 36 Kennedy St, Lyness, Linda A, and Lyness, Linda, to P3 Enlargement Prop LLC.
$357,500, 41 Greenwich Rd, Stevens, Bruce A, to Morin, Colby, and Morin, Courtney.
$350,000, 704 Belchertown Rd, Bouchard, Roger C, and Bouchard, Laureen M, to Denoff, Michele.
$144,000, 92 Sczygiel Rd, Cutler Viola C Est, and Dewey, Jordan T, to Cutler, Ryan, and Ohara, Errin E.
$206,000, 404 Southbridge Rd, Tuttle Patricia J Est, and Tuttle third, Charles R, to Giaquinto, Rebecca, and Giaquinto, Jonathan.
$21,500,000, 30 Worcester Rd, Centered Inv Companions LLC, to Iip MA 7 LLC.
$14,929,102, 30 Worcester Rd, FHP Of Webster MA CP, to Centered Inv Companions LLC.
$550,000, 69 Colonial Rd, William G Farley LT, and Mahoney, Christopher J, to ART Realty Mgmt T, and Arnold, David F.
$365,000, 21 Douglas Rd, Duquette LT, and Duquette, Michael R, to Ross, Jamie.
$500,000, 68 Sterling St, Lemanski, Bernard F, and Lemanski, Marian B, to Lemanski, Joshua B, and Lemanski, Brittny M.
$280,000, 50 Western Ave, Lemanski, Joshua B, and Lemanski, Brittny M, to Lemanski, Bernard F, and Lemanski, Marian B.
$210,000, 40 Church St, Roman Catholic Bishop, to Collins, Samantha E, and Gleason, Christian J.
$445,000, 53 Shoreline Dr #1, Mcfarlane Jr, James D, and Mcfarlane, Laura J, to Lynch, Alec R.
$445,000, 53 Shoreline Dr #2, Mcfarlane Jr, James D, and Mcfarlane, Laura J, to Lynch, Alec R.
$375,000, 7 West St, Deutsche Bk Natl T Co Tr, to Jamison, Robin S, and Jamison, Richard L.
$950,000, 14 Woodcrest Rd, Oconnor, James B, and Oconnor, Marianne F, to Sabate, Juan, and Alizadeh, Azar.
$610,000, 5 Shaker Method #5, 57 Goodale Avenue NT, and Davis, Marvin A, to Malconian, Ronald, and Malconian, Lois.
$568,000, 11 Brady Rd, Dudek, Bryna A, and Kaufman, Howard I, to Lyons, Greg, and Manhard, Brian.
$431,500, 69 South St, Brigham, Kristin D, to Honan, Peter.
$250,000, 38 Elm St, Nunes Alexandra E Est, and Nunes, Alexander S, to Flavia Costa Private.
$1,020,000, 14 Linda Dr, Peragallo, Daniel L, and Peragallo, Amber A, to Cashman&Co Westminster.
$360,000, 25 Ellis Rd, 25 Ellis Highway RT, and Blessington, Monica M, to Kendall, Richard D.
$349,900, 155 State Rd E, Godin, Richard D, to Preeper, Keith.
$489,000, 92 Royalston Rd N, Asher Development LLC, to Seymour, Mark A.
$440,000, 226 Lakeview Dr, Hoisington, Kelly E, and Hannigan, Katy-Ann E, to Hill, Jon, and Hill, Gretchen.
$385,000, 108-110 Summer season St, Connor, Michael, to Robichaud, Eric F.
$850,000, 18 Hammond St, Hammond Bus Heart LLC, to Glorious Funding Corp.
$850,000, 23 Hammond St, Hammond Bus Heart LLC, to Glorious Funding Corp.
$800,000, Barber Ave, Banner Worcester Storage, to Pscworcester LLC.
$700,000, 4 Mann St #2, Deerfield Avenue LLC, to VC Properties LLC.
$601,000, 3 Dubiel Dr, Cruz, Fernando N, and Cruz, Alessandra M, to Mcgowan, James, and Barrett, Anna.
$594,000, 7 Blanche St, Rathod, Pradipkumar, and Barvaliya, Narendrakumar, to Jayah LLC.
$590,000, 1053 Nice St, Mcburnbank LLC, to Rexha, Kozeta, and Rexha, Edvin.
$590,000, 11 Bancroft St, Mercutio Estates Ma Inc, to Ntobe-Nzuzi, Clarice, and Ndaka-Mutumene, John.
$575,000, 432 Harding St, Jasinska, Krystyna B, to Opoku, Samuel.
$512,500, 19 Farnum St, Williams, Julie A, and Williams, Jeremy, to Rodriguez, Lawrence A, and Rodriguez, Cynthia E.
$475,000, 33 Royal Rd, Taylor, Jeffrey B, and Molitor, Brandt M, to Lieras, Eve J.
$451,000, 52 Bullard Ave, Souza-Cunha, Bruno, and Cunha, Marta M, to Ramirez, Devorach, and Ramirez, Jose H.
$445,000, 53 Santoro Rd, Dipilato, Vanessa, to Le, Dylat H, and Huynh, Vi T.
$439,900, 83 Middlesex Ave, Abasciano 4 FT, and Abasciano, Frank J, to Alatalo, Diana L.
$415,000, 14 Orton St, Marcinkevicius, Andrius, and Marcinkevicius, Loreta, to Shannon, Robert.
$395,000, 13 Cameron St, William V Deflavio FT, and Deflavio, Paul J, to Lewandowski, Kyle.
$394,500, 31 Blithewood Ave #1002, Lolax, Johanna, and Jones-Dagostino, Steven, to Sullivan, Thomas J, and Sullivan, Kathleen.
$390,000, 8 Hartwell St, Carroll, Matthew, to Hamlin, Joseph D.
$380,000, 14 Arrowsic St, Alcusky, Matthew J, to Fosu-Akese, Linda.
$380,000, 30 Dustin St, Ouyang, Bo, and Zhou, Jingye, to Subba, Ratna, and Subba, Sabitri.
$370,000, 19 Mallard Rd, Johndro, Bryan D, and Johndro, Susan L, to Nguyen, Hoang.
$365,000, 22 Mary Ann Dr, Taoukdjian, Kevork Ok, and Taoukdjian, Takouhie, to Chetwynd, Alexander.
$365,000, 73 Windfall St, Hazelrex LLC, to Walnut 55 Reverse Household.
$353,000, 46 Wigwam Hill Dr, Calixte, Reginald, and Calixte, Reginal, to Feng, Chan.
$350,000, 105 Clover St, Linda G Carlson RET, and Carlson, Linda G, to Yarmah-Wenwoi, Katherine.
$350,000, 26 Pomona Rd, Conway Jr, James R, and Conway, Caitlin V, to Spellane FT, and Spellane, Anne M.
$350,000, 99 King Philip Rd, Bhatt, Nikhil, and Bhatt, Usha, to Vasquez-Colon, Henry, and Lopez-Devasquez, Aydee.
$342,000, 41 Coburn Ave, Dipilato, Matthew J, to Dipilato Jr, Matthew J.
$319,000, 11 S Stowell St, Barbato, Robert F, to Colon, Maricelli.
$300,000, 7 Alameda Rd, Alin, Glenda E, to Lecuyer, Nicholas M, and Lecuyer, Mikayla M.
$285,000, 45 Ledgecrest Dr, Tobojka, Lindsey S, to Tayyeh, Dave.
$275,000, 270 Sunderland Rd #58, Heshmatpour, Shawn, to Figueiredo, Dennis M, and Figueiredo, Marina F.
$255,000, 28 Adams St #102, Keith, Brian D, to Digiglio, Angela.
$255,000, 33-B Queen St, Phan, Chinh, and Nguyen, Oanh, to Moscozo, Felix.
$213,000, 22 Wells St #22, Moffitt, Gregg H, to Wu, Hai.
$195,000, 10 Hulbert Rd #11, Richards, Kevin T, to Bisceglia, John.
$180,000, 56 Elm St #12A, Hopkins, Kelsey E, to Mccarthy, Colm.
$165,000, 10 Nuttall Ln #9, Nelson, Angela, to Argely-Valerio, Juan.
$100,000, 7 W Oberlin St, Lam, Christopher, and Le, Lan, to Dang, Kevin X, and Dang, Phuong L.
$75,000, 85 Buy St, Mitchell, Bryan R, to Mitchell, Kathryn A.
$56,000, 33 Dane Ave #1, Nortey, Joshua, and Nortey, Harriet, to Le, Sandy.