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June 16, 2022 By admin

According to the OLX-Crisil Auto Study published earlier this year, the pre-owned market in India is expected to touch 70 lakh units by 2025-26. This translates into a growth rate of 12 per cent to 14 per cent. Now all this is great, but it does put the spotlight on, you know, the central character of the story: used vehicles. Now as a growing number of people are opting for used vehicles, it is important to remember that being thorough in verifying the vehicle’s details and history is a critical part of safeguarding your interests through such a transaction. One such detail, though important but often ignored, is the insurance policy. Of course, the seller will offer the vehicle’s insurance policy details and such, if you want to be truly diligent, you may want to independently check these details, preferably online, is it not? Well, even if you are not in the market for a used car and just want to check your vehicle’s insurance policy details for funsies. Either way, here is how you can go about it: 
1. Browse to
2. Enter the following details: 
3. Click submit
Once you click submit, you will be able to access the following data points about the vehicle in question: 
It really is quite simple, is it not? If you are looking for more used car tips, we recommend reading this, this, and this. Or you can share your queries with us through our social media handles and we would be happy to help.
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