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May 15, 2022 By admin

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Global Atlantic
Our Take
Forethought Life Insurance Company is a good fit when you want market-reliant growth, but it lacks the more straightforward basics of term and whole life insurance. Forethought Life also specializes in preneed insurance, a kind of life insurance that puts you in control of your final funeral arrangements.
Wellness for Life program
Physical office locations
International service
Limited life insurance products
Policy limits not disclosed
No final expense coverage
Established in 1980, Forethought Life Insurance Company is a relatively new life insurance provider. It is headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana, as a subsidiary of the larger parent company Global Atlantic Financial Group, although it assumes sole responsibility for its own deadlines and financial obligations. Policies may also be issued via the Commonwealth Annuity and Life Insurance Company, Accordia Life and Annuity Company, or Global Atlantic Financial Group Limited. 
Forethought Life Insurance Company offers physical office locations in several U.S. states:
Forethought is not authorized to do business in New York. Additionally, availability for some products and policies may be limited in some areas.
Global Atlantic
Forethought is not one of our top-rated life insurance companies. You can review our list of the best life insurance companies for what we think are better options.
Forethought Life Insurance Company focuses on providing a few specific products to its policyholders. There are three indexed universal life insurance plans, plus an option for preneed insurance.
Forethought Life Insurance Company does not offer whole or term life insurance.
Indexed universal life with Forethought Life includes a permanent life insurance policy that can gain value from a major financial index with an income tax-free death benefit. There are three plans available, depending on where you live:
Where most companies offer final expense insurance, Forethought instead offers preneed insurance. This is a kind of whole life insurance that is created with the idea of providing benefits before you die, so you can get the help you need while you’re still alive. It puts you in the driver’s seat, allowing you to handle your own end-of-life plans, including funeral and memorial arrangements while you are still alive and can be involved. It helps alleviate some of the pressure on your loved ones during an already difficult time. Forethought will work directly with funeral partners, assigning your death benefit to reduce the burdens placed on your surviving family members. 
Forethought’s universal life insurance policy may not be exactly what you need, so you can purchase additional protection through life insurance riders, a kind of a la carte coverage that you can use to add to your policy. Forethought offers several riders. However, you will need to contact an agent for pricing details, and availability may be limited based on where you live. 
If you are diagnosed with a chronic or critical illness, the accelerated access rider allows you to access a portion of your death benefit early to help with healthcare costs. Charges for this rider do not kick in until it is used. 
This rider offers an additional death benefit with coverage if a policyholder dies from an accident.
This rider allows you to protect up to three family members on your existing policy so you do not have to buy four separate policies. 
If you have a child between the ages of 15 days and 17 years, you can use this rider to add them to your existing policy. They will be covered under your policy until the age of 25, and then the rider can be converted into a permanent policy with up to five times this rider’s benefit.
This rider can help prevent your policy from lapsing when you take multiple loans on your policy. It is free unless used and then only a one-time fee applies.
If you are looking for extra protection, this rider offers additional level death benefits for policyholders.
In addition to the regular death benefit that your policy provides, you can use this rider to receive the value of eligible paid premiums, paid with an additional fixed interest growth rate that can vary anywhere from 0 to 4%.  
Policies automatically include this rider, which can help you access a portion of your death benefit early when you are diagnosed with a terminal illness.
If you experience a total disability for a minimum of six months, this rider will waive all monthly deductions, including base policy, rider, and policy charges. Disabilities must occur before the age of 65 to be eligible.
Similar to the waiver of monthly deductions rider, this rider waives monthly premiums when the policyholder is completely disabled for a period of at least six months before the age of 65.  
The Wellness for Life Program is a benefit that offers potential wellness rewards to those who qualify. Policyholders must complete a routine physical exam every two years. Additionally, one’s weight must be regulated in order to comply with those standards supplied by Accordia, the issuer of Forethought Life Insurance Company policies, and agreed upon policy issuance. You will be responsible for having your doctor or health care provider complete a form that you then return to Forethought Life for processing and approval. 
Use Forethought Life’s Wellness for Life rider to save extra money on your premiums each year.
Forethought Life Insurance Company makes it easy to get in touch with the right contact that you need, offering customers a comprehensive contact page. Support is limited to certain hours and is available via phone, email, or mail. There is also online support for existing policyholders.
The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) tracks the number of customer complaints that a company receives on an annual basis. It then calculates an average score using a benchmark score of 1.0 that serves as the industry average. 
Forethought Life Insurance Company consistently receives among the industry’s most competitive scores with an average 0.09 rating in 2020. While still impressive, it is slightly higher than its 2019 and 2018 average scores of 0.04. 
J.D. Power is another industry ratings provider that ranks customer satisfaction for the top insurance companies. Forethought is not rated on J.D. Power’s 2020 U.S. Life Insurance Study, although this is common among smaller, niche providers. 
Forethought is rated by AM Best, holding a score of A (Excellent). AM Best is a financial ratings agency that assigns companies a grade based on their financial security. A high score means that the company can be relied upon for efficient and stable claims processing. Forethought also holds an A3 rating from Moody’s, another ratings provider that evaluates a company’s financial reliability with the A3 being a medium grade of financial strength. 
Given the big differences between universal life insurance and preneed insurance, there is a significant difference in price with Forethought Life Insurance Company.
Universal life insurance policies carry a fee schedule that includes a 10% premium charge on premium payments, a $6 monthly policy fee, and any additional rider fees. There is also an expense charge that lasts for the first 15 years of your policy.
Premium price for both is determined by several factors, including your age, how much life insurance you buy, and your underwriting class. Gender is another factor that can determine the cost of your insurance, with most companies basing rates on your sex at birth and not your current gender identity.  
Forethought Life Insurance Company is significantly smaller in its market share than other providers, such as New York Life, which is the third-largest company in the country. With its smaller size, it has fewer than half the plans that New York Life offers. It also differs in that it scores lower in AM Best ratings for financial strength. There also are several fees that Forethought Life Insurance Company charges, while New York Life offers pricing that is better than most other providers. For these reasons, New York Life is the better pick between the two.
Forethought Life Insurance Company is extremely limited in its scope, so it is not a good fit for everyone. However, with impressive customer service scores and strong financial ratings, it is still a life insurance provider worth considering when you are looking for the extra security of universal index life insurance or preneed insurance.
Investopedia uses strict internal editorial standards to ensure the latest and most accurate life insurance reviews for comparison. Our life insurance review methodology includes a detailed analysis that weighs several company factors, including critical areas like available coverage options, availability, price, and riders. We also look to the industry experts, such as J.D. Power for customer satisfaction and AM Best for financial reliability, to offer the most current, up-to-date portrait of the best life insurance providers for your consideration.
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