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June 30, 2022 By admin

Dr. Mario just got a little too real.
Video games are often a way for people to escape real life. You get home from a long day at work or school and dive into a virtual world in an attempt to briefly leave the real one. However, games often reflect our real lives. Sometimes we even seek out games that reflect real life like The Sims. Odds are you don't look for realism in a game like Dr. Mario, but a modded version of the game that requires you to enter insurance details does exactly that.
The slightly altered version of the classic puzzle game is called Dr. Mario Insurance and was created by Steven Nass and Ivy Hu. The game was intended to be a joke, its creators explained to NME. However, it has since become a way to try and highlight that in the US right now, the worse your medical insurance is, the harder it is to get through life.
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You can play the game through your browser, but only on desktop. Before starting what appears to be a regular round of Dr. Mario, you will need to choose your insurance plan and enter your deductible. The plan will dictate the rate at which the good doctor drops pills, and your deductible will determine how many lines of pills there are when the game begins.
The initial plan for this unique take on Dr. Mario was going to have you fill in a lot more than the base details required now, but Nass quickly realized that might make things feel a little too real. “No one would ever feel comfortable giving us that information (even if I assure you, I’m not nearly smart enough to figure out how to store that information),” they quite rightly pointed out.
You can play the game yourselves right now, either filling in your insurance information accurately or changing the plan and upping the deductible to make it more difficult. At the bottom of the page you'll find a link where you can make a donation to Medicare-For-All. As for officially licensed Dr. Mario games, a mobile version of the spinoff failed to make a mark for Nintendo and was officially shut down for good in 2021.
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